Plexiglass acrylic sheet – display area for desks

The Ikea Linnmon / Adils table is very affordable and practical for any office.  I decided to add a custom cut acrylic clear sheet to display magazine cuttings for inspiration and this way there is no need for pin boards or clip boards on the wall.  This idea also makes it easy to wipe off spills and creates a great stylish desk that you can customize by switching out the colorful paper from underneath the acrylic sheet.

Lowes has clear Acrylic sheets of glass and they can cut to the size that you request.  My desk is 24″ x 48″ and I wanted the plexiglass to be cut to 23.5″ x 48″ so that there will be no sharp edges on the table top. The cost for the Optix Acrylic Sheet of glass (which is actually a thin piece of see thru plastic) was less than $30 with free custom cut at the store.  After I placed it on top of the desk I was amazed how sleek and professional the desk became. The top does not move at all so there is no need for me to drill screws thru the glass and table.

Now I can place wallpaper, magazine clippings, photographs, kids drawings and many endless things under it to make it personal and different.IMG_3494



Painting a flower garden design inside a walk in closet


Dark paneling, ordinary looking

Dark paneling, ordinary looking


Bright and cheerful, extraordinary

Bright and cheerful, extraordinary

These are the steps it took to achieve this project:

Always have it planned on paper first


Allow for paint to dry between each color

IMG_2056 IMG_2061 IMG_2062 IMG_2065


Take along ‘Sight Words” – School 

Here is an idea for studying sight words anywhere with children.  Need:

  • Paint swatches from hardware store, light shades
  • Hole puncher
  • Rings




Ikea spice rack – book holder

The  Ikea Bekvam Spice Rack is a great DIY project for decoupage painting because the wood is very absorbent.  All you need is the spice rack, paint, napkins, brushes and decoupage glue such as mod podge for this project.

You can install a few of these spice racks in a child’s room for easy access of favorite books and the spice racks also make great display pieces for frames of art work as well!

I decided to paint them and decoupage them with adorable teddy napkins to hold kids books.





Old chair – New chair

Reupholstering a cushion is a great way to transform an old but sturdy chair into a ‘new’ one!  If you have left over fabric from a curtain panel or just want to change the cushion on a chair because of a stain this is a great project to try.  The things you will need are – Drill, light duty staple gun, staples, fabric and a scizzor.

New Chair – Old Chair

Things needed for project

covering old cushion with new fabric and stapling it on

Drilling original screws back




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