Dollar Tree store finds – Ideas for the home

The Dollar store has plenty of storage boxes for sale.  However, in the kitchen section you can find handy container boxes such as these:


Sometimes they even carry these containers in holiday themed designs.  I have seen these in Easter and Christmas themed and they look adorable.  My mother who lives in Europe always ask me to bring some with me when I visit for her own kitchen because the lids are so good and they are useful for many things around the house.  These practical containers are plastic, light weight and the lids close easy but most of all tightly.  They can be used for many small items that come in a box from kids toys to craft supplies.

I use it for holding my different dry pasta.  As soon as I come home from buying dried pasta I pour them into these containers from the cardboard boxes they come in and voila…I have nicely organized pasta in my kitchen cabinets where I know always how much I have left.  Plus, my dried food is definitely more pleasing to the eye than the boxes they originally came from.  Stay tooned for more Dollar Tree finds with ideas…


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