Tazo Chai black tea filter bags – How do you take your black tea?


While I was shopping at Target I spotted a huge selection of Tazo tea boxes and I decided to give it a try at home in a variety of ways.  I brewed the vanilla caramel flavored tea in a tall mug for 5 minutes and poured it in three different cups to sample each, adding different things to it.  I wanted a creamy version of the tea, almost like a latte.

  1. Tea, milk, honey – great taste, the vanilla caramel has a pleasant kick of flavor
  2. Tea, sweetened condensed milk – not great, the tea lost its flavor
  3. Tea, vanilla creamer – not bad, has a strong vanilla flavor and sweet


Overall I liked the tea with the creamer or with honey and milk.  However If I had to pick it would be with honey and milk because health wise it would be a better option than with the creamer and the flavor is nice.  I am definitely going to try other Tazo tea flavors.  I like the fact that they come in a variety of flavors making the traditional black tea interesting.


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