Girls hair accessories organization

Here is a fun and practical organizational idea for storing a little girl’s hair accessories.  I spotted a carousel type of make up holder at our Bj’s warehouse store’s and I immediately thought of how fun it would be to store different things in this revolving make up kit other than make up.  I imagined that this type of storage container would be great as holding crayons, school supplies or in our case my kids hair accessories.  Getting ready in the morning is a breeze thanks to this handy organizer.  We store all the hair accessories such as hair bands, hair clips, hair brush and even bracelets and necklaces in here.  In the mornings before school it is so much fun for my girls to spin this revolving organizer and quickly find what they are looking for to get ready for the day.  It also looks super cute and stylish.  My kids love to organize their hair supplies in here.

IMG_3173 IMG_3171



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