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Girls hair accessories organization

Here is a fun and practical organizational idea for storing a little girl’s hair accessories.  I spotted a carousel type of make up holder at our Bj’s warehouse store’s and I immediately thought of how fun it would be to store different things in this revolving make up kit other than make up.  I imagined that this type of storage container would be great as holding crayons, school supplies or in our case my kids hair accessories.  Getting ready in the morning is a breeze thanks to this handy organizer.  We store all the hair accessories such as hair bands, hair clips, hair brush and even bracelets and necklaces in here.  In the mornings before school it is so much fun for my girls to spin this revolving organizer and quickly find what they are looking for to get ready for the day.  It also looks super cute and stylish.  My kids love to organize their hair supplies in here.

IMG_3173 IMG_3171



Sleek and practical Ikea table (redone)

The last couple of days I worked on a little project with this Ikea table

Years ago at the store I bought it in black by accident when I really wanted it in a white surface top. Yesterday I decided it was time to paint the surface white. I went to my local hardware store and bought primer. I painted a coat of primer on it with a roller and let it dry. Then I painted a coat of white semigloss on the desk. This morning I looked at the finished table and thought maybe it wasn’t a good idea to have a white surface since me and the kids will probably make it dirty in no time. I decided to add an extra step to this project with a clear custom cut acrylic sheet glass as a surface top for the desk. We went out to Lowes and had a clear Acrylic sheet of glass cut to the same size as my desk. My desk is size 24″ X 48″ and I wanted the plexiglass to be cut to 23.5″ x 48″ so that there will be no sharp edges on the table top. The cost for the Optix Acrylic Sheet of glass (which is actually a thin piece of see thru plastic) was less than $30 with free custom cut at the store. After I placed it on top of the desk I was amazed how sleek and professional the desk became. The top does not move at all so there is no need for me to drill screws thru the glass and table. The clean up will be easy in case it gets dirty. And I can place wallpaper, magazine clippings, photographs, kids drawings and many endless pretty things under it to make it personal and artistic. I love how this little simple project turned out.IMG_3494