My Ikea ‘fix’

Every year I have a certain amount of money saved for one big Ikea trip. Unfortunately the nearest Ikea to us is in another state but maybe that is actually good for me, because I probably would wipe out the bank account if I go frequently. The whole European feel of the store, makes me feel like I am in a different country, a kind of nostalgic feeling. When I go to Ikea I have a similar feeling as if I just went to my home country in Europe. And after leaving ikea I get recharged, like a battery. Its very uplifting for me to take yearly trips to this store.
I usually stick to the list I plan out before hand but I do love browsing the store for little treasures. This year I picked up a few handy things that is so cool and unique, people ask me where I got them. One item I love is sitting next to my bed and I use it almost daily. It is a clock that cost $4.99. It glows in the dark and has so many features such as the temperature of the room, the time and more. The greatest thing about this clock is that you turn the item left or right to switch from one feature to the other. It looks like something made for the future.
The other item(s) that I loved to snag this year was a set of glass cups. This really reminded me of my heritage in Europe, and especially my late Grandmother’s kitchen. Every time I take a sip of water from these cups it brings back childhood memories of where I grew up because the cups looks exactly the same. Here are a few pics of the two little items from the 2014 trip-
Ikea is also very affordable and I can certainly bring the kids along with me because they have what kids love – indoor play area and yummy treats. Sometimes when we get lucky a clown might be at the store giving free face painting to the kids. Its a win win for parents and children.
I can’t wait till Ikea releases the 2015 catalog.


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