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Pet food storage

Who likes to pick up 50 pound bags whenever Puppy or Kitty is hungry? Not many people.  Why not reuse see thru containers such as Nonni’s for holding dog and cat food?  Nonni’s containers are perfect for storing pet food because of the square design, clear container to see how much pet food is left, big enough to hold many bits and pieces and the lid closes nice and tight every time with ease.  If you have multiple pets, you can customize the container like I did by taping the pet’s picture on the container.  By the looks of it on the picture below, the pets approve.



Organizing kids favorite book characters

Currently Target has a handy item at their dollar spot section.  A plastic document file holder is the perfect organizer for kids books at home.  I picked up a few of these and will be buying more to separate and organize different books on my kids shelves.   They have many different colors to choose from to coordinate with a room’s decor.  Categories for organization ideas could be the following – favorite story book characters such as Dr. Seuss, non fiction books, theme categories such as space or dinosaurs.  It is easy for little ones to grab this practical plastic container when they  are looking for a book and also very economical for grown ups to purchase.

IMG_2405 IMG_2404